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Let me explain.

The speed at which your web pages load has an impact on the user experience. Make sure your website takes less than 3 seconds to load. I would be just annoyed at a website that has that spinning loading circle. Slow web pages equate to a more annoyed visitor. This could also increase a webpage bounce and conversion rate considerably as well.

Your websites may be experiencing slower speeds if it has too much uncompressed data,
Such as CSS files, Rel links, unoptimized code, or images. How do you know or diagnose if you have any of these symptoms or issues that can affect your website speed? I have a great solution that works.

I’ve been using it for years now. it’s the best possible way to diagnose your website and gives you the option to delete all the unoptimized code, unnecessary links, and data from your website. With this option, you can improve the load time and speed of your site and web pages. My solution is the free Google PageSpeed Testing Tool. With this tool you enter the URL of your website to check the speed of your website load time, then it will provide suggest great recommendations, which you can implement to improve the load time and speed of your website.

If you find this overwhelming and would like someone else to do this for you? I have just partnered with a website with the tools that: can Increase your traffic by over 50%, allows you to generate traffic, Free or Paid 24/7. Freeing up your time from clicking away mindlessly in front of your computer and achieving mediocre results. They do all the work for you.

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