i put milk of magnesia on my face for 5 years this is what happened

The perils I encountered corresponding to utilizing the stomach settling agent/purgative Milk of Magnesia all over as a mattifying groundwork before cosmetics application. I involved it for a very long time so I certainly felt knowledgeable in this subject to the point of making a video about it advance notice you all of the perils haha. Kindly make certain to send this to anybody you realize who reliably involves Milk of Magnesia as a face groundwork. These are my very own encounters with it and everybody’s skin condition and skin type is unique so it might affect others less and may influence others more.

The Facts

Despite the fact that it is a decent groundwork, I felt the Milk of Magnesia gave me improved results at that point so I did ultimately return to it. Serious mix-up! Assuming that you have slick skin I gave a few hints in this video on the most proficient method to handle it and furthermore gave a few hints to the people who experience the ill effects of dry skin. By the day’s end, everybody’s outcomes will change in view of their way of life, item utilization, skin health management schedule, and in particular hereditary qualities and chemical creation/balance.

Cosmetic Hack

This is certainly a cosmetics hack/excellence hack that I don’t recommend anybody to use for a drawn out timeframe. Furthermore, most certainly not predictably so satisfy loves make certain to settle on informed choices for you and think about all variables with regards to skincare.