One of the most popular giveaway ideas on the internet, is a free gift offer

One of the most popular giveaway ideas on the internet is a free gift offer.  Usually, in order to get the free gift.

You must complete a survey or offer.. NO!!. “What!!.. That’s not right!!!”. 


Read to the end of this article, on why i hate surveys, and I’ll give you the link to a free 12 minute video, of a system that will teach you “how to earn money by the minute with done for you autopilot systems” 


What is paid online surveys?  This is what not to do! Offers have recently become very popular among home-based business opportunities. This is a common and often preferred way for entrepreneurs to collect data from people who do not have the resources, financials or education and just want to secure or earn extra money without the hassle of leaving their homes.


Offers for surveys are a waste of time! Why do I believe surveys are a waste of time for me? Because they don’t compensate me enough for my time, and the information gathered, is only useful to the benefit of the survey’s owner. If you still want to conduct surveys, the knowledge in this post will assist you in doing so more efficiently.


How to Find Paid Online Surveys.

You can find paid online surveys by searching the internet. There are many companies that held surveys for their clients and that would pay good money for your opinion. A good starting point for your research would be some forums discussing the topic. You will see which online paid surveys are good, which ones to avoid, which bring more money etc.


What should you look for in paid internet survey company? 

After you’ve found paid online survey providers, read the terms and conditions carefully before applying or committing to anything. You should be aware that some websites demand an application fee to enter your information into their database. Despite the fact that this payment is generally low, do not simply pay it. 

Even the most appealing website, believe it or not, can be (and frequently is) sign of fraud. 

It’s likely that you’ll pay the application fee but never get any surveys in return. What is the average survey time and payment amount – it might range from $.01 to $100, so you should know ahead of time. 
How many surveys do you expect to get and the time you have to invest for a penny
The biggest fraud is the payment threshold. They make the payment threshold goal very unattainable. You will never get to the amount before you get frustrated and abandon the goal.
 A $20 minimum before you cash out, but you will get .05 per survey. With each survey lasting 10 minutes. that  “$0.30 per hour. Waste of time..  
The money can be sent to you in the form of a check, Pay Pal, a bank transfer, but it’s more than likely going to be some obscure method or payment processor. Always double-check the procedure and see if  it’s right for you, regardless of the method.


Are there any fees (like the percentage of your earnings) that the website is charging? Some agencies charge a membership fee, another earn from the company who requests the survey, third earn by their members. You should be fully aware of the payment conditions to avoid disappointment. Be very careful about disclosing your personal details.

If you’re dealing with a legitimate survey business, you shouldn’t have any issues. However, there are numerous bogus “marketing organizations” who will offer you compensated online surveys in order to obtain as many people’s personal information as possible.


What is my information being used for?

They may sell them to other companies and you may end up receiving thousands of unsolicited mail or SPAM. So first, make sure you are dealing with a serious and legitimate company and ask questions regarding privacy. Only after you are confident and satisfied with the answers go ahead and apply.


These are the basics of paid online surveys. You may want to try it yourself. Most online surveys will take you about 30 minutes to complete and you can do it in your spare time or on your coffee break. The more money you earn the more time you will suddenly want to spend.

You’ll need to sign up for a few different online survey sites in order to have a constant stream of surveys to complete.


Watching out for scams.

When you do see ads to take online surveys that supposedly pay thousands of dollars, you can be certain that these aren’t legitimate claims.

In order to make money with online surveys, you will need to file your information with reputable companies. These are easy to find by looking for the company information to see if they give you ways to contact them. There is only 2 companies I can really recommend or that I’ve can say really pay for survey and that’s ( Amazon and Vindale Research  ). “But is it worth your time?”


Vindale Research

People at Vindale are rewarded for providing feedback to consumer brands. Members can earn real money by participating in market research surveys. Furthermore, businesses receive direct input from their most essential clients. It’s a win-win situation.

Over the previous decade, Vindale has expanded its paid survey community from the United States to the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. Vindale’s surveys have also grown in scope, now including paid surveys, product testing, and incentive email marketing, among other services.

Vindale encourages new and potential members to follow them on social media for updates on upcoming activities. Alternatively, you can learn more about their work by visiting their website.

Vindale Research is a company that does research.


The second company is Amazon. “But is it worth your time?”

Hers a little better way of earning online, it works well, use less of your time, and it can be automated. 

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Also. i value your opinion. tell me what you think about my article and how i can improve it.


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