0-3 month must haves boss baby

0-3 month must haves boss baby

Boss Baby

0-3 month must haves boss babyThe first 3 months are the hardest, so it is critical that you have all the necessities. The first 3 months with a baby is getting to know them and figuring out their patterns and ques. With my daughter, the first 3 months were extremely difficult but these items helped me 


A bassinet or a rock n’ play is a lifesaver. For the first month and a half, my baby girl slept in her rock n’ play. The way that they sit in it helps them feel snuggled up and safe, plus they sit a little upright in it which was a lifesaver because little O has reflux. After the first month and a half, we transitioned her to the bassinet. I liked both of these options because she could be right next to my bedside so I could easily pick her up to feed her or change her.

Fisher-Price is a well-known brand in the realm of baby products, particularly renowned for its wide range of toys and gear designed for infants and young children. Here are some key points about Fisher-Price bassinets:

  1. Safety and Quality: Fisher-Price is committed to producing high-quality baby products that meet rigorous safety standards. Their bassinets often feature sturdy construction, durable materials, and thoughtful design elements aimed at providing a safe and secure sleeping environment for infants.

  2. Variety of Options: Fisher-Price offers a variety of bassinet models to suit different needs and preferences. From traditional bassinets with classic designs to modern, sleek options with added features like soothing vibrations and music, parents can find a Fisher-Price bassinet to fit their specific requirements.

  3. Portability and Convenience: Many Fisher-Price bassinets are designed with portability and convenience in mind, making them ideal for parents who need a sleeping solution that can easily move from room to room or be taken on trips. Features like lightweight construction, foldable frames, and carrying handles enhance the bassinet’s portability.

  4. Comfort and Functionality: Fisher-Price bassinets prioritize both comfort and functionality for babies and parents alike. They often come equipped with soft, cozy mattresses, breathable mesh sides, and adjustable features to ensure a comfortable sleeping environment for infants. Additionally, built-in storage pockets or shelves provide convenient storage for baby essentials.

  5. Innovation: Fisher-Price continuously innovates its products to incorporate the latest trends and technologies in baby care. This may include features like built-in nightlights, calming vibrations, soothing sounds, or even mobile apps that offer additional functionality and convenience for parents.

This is the rock n’ play we got.

Fisher-Price bassinets are trusted by parents worldwide for their combination of safety, quality, versatility, and innovation, making them a popular choice for families welcoming a new baby.


and this is the bassinet we had



Other baby essentials i needed.


If you plan to breastfeed, I would buy one of these babies just in case! The first two weeks of breastfeeding are extremely painful and the nipple shield gives your poor sore nipples a break. If it were not for this, I would have stopped and called it quits on breastfeeding. Especially when your newborn wants to eat 24/7!


Something like lansinoh can help tremendously! Your nipples will already be sore from feeding.. so the last thing you want is chapped nipples. Once they get chapped, you then risk getting cracked or even worse, bleeding, nipples. STAY ON TOP OF YOUR NIPPLE CREAM LADIES!


A nice and convenient travel system goes a long way. We got the Graco click n’ go. Not only because of its price but because of its simplicity. the car seat just clicks right into the stroller and with one button comes right out. It is so easy! and to collapse or open the stroller you just pull one strap and BAM! done, just like that. It is also lightweight and easy to wash which I like as well. Our baby spits up A LOT, so being able to take it apart to wash it quickly was a huge plus!


Olive’s favorite swaddle was the halo sleep sack swaddles. We used the other ones and she tolerated them but this one was definitely her favorite. When she started getting to the point where she was almost rolling over, I grew a whole new appreciation for the design of this one as well. It makes it so she could get her arms out if she really needed to. It also makes a nice transition swaddle because you can slowly start swaddling their arms out. I had no idea you had to transition out of swaddling and most babies you cannot just stop cold turkey. We attempted once and she threw up her “What the heck” arms and woke herself up numerous times!


The actual boppy pillow, not my breast friend or any of those other ones. The reason why I say this is because the boppy is versatile. You can use it to breastfeed, but you can also use it for tummy time when they are learning to sit up and for them to just lounge on the couch with you as well. It has so many more uses to it!


Olivia did not start to like her swing until about month 3, which most babies like it from the start but it was a lifesaver when she began to like it. She mostly would just nap it in but when she was fighting sleep it helped so much.


I say video only because I like to be able to check in on my baby and see if she is lying there awake or if she fell asleep. It gave me peace of mind when she started sleeping in her room at 2 months old. If you truly want a piece of mind though, I would get the owlet. We did not get it because we were too broke and felt weird asking our families to buy it, but I totally would have if we could have!


A baby carrier makes it so much easier to go out or to even get things done around the house. Some babies just like to be close to their mamas! Which is so cute, but can be a little frustrating when trying to run errands or clean up around the house. That is where the baby carrier comes to the rescue!


You will not need one of these until month 3 but I would recommend just having it for when you decide to start putting your child in it. We started putting Olive in hers at 2 1/2 months just for her to work on her core muscles and because she felt like a big girl and loved it! We got suction cup toys and she could just stare at them forever, it was adorable!


I say changing station and not changing table because in the first months a changing table is not completely necessary. You could just have a little changing station set up with a changing pad and a basket that contains diapers, wipes, cream, and whatever else you desire.

That about wraps it up for my 0-3 must-haves. These items were the things that I found extremely necessary for this time period. The first 3 months are so difficult, so I recommend you be as prepared as possible! I hope this list is helpful to you and I wish you the best in these difficult, sleep-deprived months!

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