Using Black Friday Branding 


Holiday marketing initiatives on Friday?

Many businesses have used Black Friday into their marketing initiatives. They make use of it as a chance to raise money through contests and product discounts. Basically it’s a day when companies go into the black and out of the red.


Ecommerce Friday branding

Platforms like Shopify and Big Commerce are good examples of companies using Friday marketing branding initiatives. You can design templates with logos and colors which do a great job at promoting your business to customers on retail sites taking advantage of the peak traffic created by Black Friday.

Brand marketing events

The idea is to make it so that they would stay in contact with the brand not just during this time of the year but at all times. In turn, helping make it more popular when other events arrive.

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Brand marketing campaigns

Black Friday is a marketing event that many companies have adopted into their campaigns. They use it as a time to generate revenue by product discounts and competitions.

Preparing for black Friday

Black Friday is around the corner, so it’s high time to get what your shopping needs. As retailers began to exploit sales day deals and bargains constantly, it became a challenge for corporations, brands and industries to set themselves apart from the rest. The way they managed this is by implementing marketing strategies – wider advertising, proactive social media campaigns and promotions.

Expected Results On Black Friday.

As a result, Global Black Friday spending increased by 275% as compared with last year resulting in $598 billion earnings revenue. In 2018 we expect an even greater spend as FTVLive reported that 129 million people were employed in retail jobs all across the United States, which translates roughly to one in ten Americans working over Thanksgiving weekend.