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We are Renting websites or domains for a zero to a small fee. (WDE) “Website or Domain” for e-Commerce. We are pleased to inform you that the domains listed below are all available for (Monthly/Annual -Rent) or (Purchase/Sale – Best offer)

Thank you for dropping by. If you are interested in purchasing or renting a domain from (LIST), please contact us today Purchase one of our income generating Ecommerce business from the above (LIST). We also Updated the Domain and Website Lease-Option Purchases Agreement( Updated August 12, 2022)?

Contractual Agreements are common when acquiring personal property—such as dishwashers, washing machines, automobiles, and TV’s, but are not as common for the acquisition of Websites or Domains. The Lease-option agreements is good for acquiring a Ecommerce business when a home buyer would like to purchase a home, but needs to repair her credit rating in order to secure a promissory note and mortgage. The DW-lease-option agreement allows a buyer to lease a Domain or Website for a set period of time—typically between 1-3 years—with the option to buy this Domain or Website at a contractual future date.

“The negotiated option is typically a percentage of the price for example, one to five percent, and is credited, along with the rents and a rent premium, If the option to buy is not exercise, the buyer will lose the option fee and rent premium. Contact: Myface5 Brand managers,  For quality premium domains only.