Digital Mail Box Business

Digital Mail Box Business

Service for Digital Mail Customers & Partners. One of the most important needs of large corporations, current entrepreneurs and new businesses is a digital mail service because it lowers overhead costs and increase productivity. In comparison to a typical mail center, a digital mail center is thought to be more cost-effective because it uses cutting-edge technology for document processing, including scanning.



Mail Box Agent:

  1. Located 1/2 Mile from a mailbox provider.
  2. Must have a Cell phone with internet, and a camera.
  3. Paper Shredder.
  4. Stamps.


Mail Box Provider:

  1. Po-box providers
  2. Private Homes
  3. Business Owner
  4. Landlord


Mail Customer:





Get Started as a Digital Agent

You may view and manage your postal mail online with the help of the Digital Mail Service Agent. You’ll never again miss a crucial mail delivery because email and push notifications are provided instantly. Additionally, you have total control online thanks to a virtual mailbox that offers the ability to open and scan, forward, recycle, or shred your undesired junk mail.


Small Business Digital Mail Box Agent

Your agent collects, manages and make available daily your entire mailbox content digitally. This is available with limitless cloud storage through Digital Mail Services.


Large Items or Packages

To pick up and video open your large physical packages and if you deem it important or not junk, have it mail to your remote location or office.


Small Items or Letters

This agent collects scans and upload your small paper only mail to your favorite cloud provider or digital mail service provider.


New Service Area

Additionally, you can select from hundreds of regions around the US and the rest of the world. Location include California, Florida, New York, Arizona, Texas, Nevada, Canada, the UK, and a lot more. This is a secure way to prevent personal attacks and receiving junk mail.


Chose your mailbox provider and location.

You can simply register your Po Box / mailbox, select your us only verified mailbox agent and Sign Your Mailbox Proxy Agreement to get started.

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