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All you need to do is download with one click.

Every email, every capture page, every bridge page, and every link.

Every asset is downloaded with your system, and all the custom codes are in the correct places.

Imagine if you set every button and every link in thousands of emails to {AFFILIATE ~ CODE ~ XYZ-}



Then all you have to do is enter your name and affiliate link once on a page.
Hundreds of emails, hundreds of pages, and hundreds of links have been “automatically” extracted.

Your name on each email signature.
Your link on every page, email, and button.
No need to click to edit!

This is what can now be achieved with this new automatic labeling technology. literally shortens the settings for months or even years. In fact, the longest part of the whole process is registering for all the verified affiliate programs for which you will be paid.

Being new Isn’t it a bad thing? One of the biggest obstacles to the Novice Alliance is not knowing who to trust, which products to promote, which products to convert, which ones to pay on time or not to pay at all!
Again, this eliminates all headaches and provides you with more than 40 verified and trustworthy member offers to promote from the beginning.


The MASSIVE Done For You system can give you a fully functional business in just a few minutes and has undergone more than 6 months of setup and tens of thousands of dollars in shortcut testing.

This revolutionary new technology and next-generation affiliate marketing system can transform anyone into a highly paid super affiliate member.

With the most comprehensive Done For You system and traffic hurricane technology, without the need for months of setup.  We’re talking about …Over 40, proven, proven and trusted revenue streams High conversion rate email tracking for over a year.

Twelve lead capture pages
Twelve tested and verified bridge page

twelve high-quality lead magnet white label affiliate marketing courses, including 22
videos and hundreds of buttons throughout the system update all links from all 40 revenue streams.
This legally shortens the job of a tech-savvy person by more than 6 months! Not to mention.

A full flow of Rolodex, which helped build a list of over 700,000 email subscribers. Sign up for FINAL events and get free lead generation software, priced at $ 197 per month. You will also receive a free training bonus worth $ 1,769!


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