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  1. Second Skin (2008)

Unrated | 94 min | Documentary
6.6 73 Metascore

An intimate, fascinating look at computer gamers whose lives
have been transformed by the emerging, hugely popular genre
of computer games.
Second Skin takes an intimate, fascinating look
at computer gamers whose lives have been transformed by the
emerging, a hugely popular genre of computer games like World
of Warcraft, Second Skin, and Everquest, which allow millions of
users from around the world to simulate…
Second Skin takes an intimate, disturbing look at three sets
of computer gamers whose lives have been transformed by the
the emerging genre of computer games called Massively
Multiplayer Online games (MMOs). World of Warcraft, Second
Life and Everquest allow millions of users…

  1. TVWWW (2009– ) Episode: Umetnost Kao igra (2009)


    Interaction between art, computer games, and political
    1990-ies have brought the interaction between art
    and computer games. For the new artworks, digital games are
    a tool and a source of inspiration. Political themes, like the
    relationship between media and propaganda, are significant, and
    contemporary society is considered …
  2. Crash Zone (1999–2001)

    Unrated | 25 min | Family, Sci-Fi

    Australian tv show about five teenage computer gamers and a
    A.I. who helps a gaming developing studio and their ordeals
    with their lives.
    Imagine being paid to play computer games after school. That’s
    exactly what happens to five high-tech whiz kids in this exciting
    new action-adventure series, after the president of a software
    the company hires them to breathe new life into her
    struggling game business. Based …
    Mike, Pi, Marcello, Bec, and Ram are smart, creative but radically
    different kids who have just scored part-time jobs testing
    prototype computer games. It’s a blast, but it’s not
    just computer programs that are being tested – loyalties,
    friendships and values are also on t…
  3. Go 8 Bit (2016–2018) Episode: Episode #1.2 (2016)

    Comedy, Game-Show

    Comedians Marcus Brigstocke and Gina Yashere join host Dara
    O’Briain and team captains Steve McNeil and Sam Pamphilon to
    compete against each other playing six computer games to
    decide this week’s champion.
    Dara O’Briain hosts the second edition of the comedy game show
    in which two celebrities compete against each other playing a
    selection of computer games. Comedians Marcus Brigstocke
    and Gina Yashere play Sonic 2, Portal 2, Snake, and Little Big
    Planet before squaring off I…
  4. Pirate Islands (2003) 30 min | Action, Adventure, Drama


    A freak accident sends three Australian kids into a computer-generated world of pirates and swashbuckling heroes. The kids
    must help a group of adventurers find a buried treasure and a
    way back to the real world.
    A rip-roaring fantasy adventure, Pirate Islands sees 15-year old
    Kate and her younger brother and sister trapped inside
    a computer game set on an island controlled by swashbuckling
    pirates. They soon discover that the only way home is to finish
    the game-by beating the pir…
    When 15-year-old Kate Redding and her younger brother and
    sister are sucked into their computer game into a land of 18th
    Century swashbuckling pirates, there is bound to be plenty of
    action and adventure. Marooned in an exotic archipelago, the
    three children set up base i…
  5. League of Legends: More Than a Game (2020)

    92 min | Documentary

    Sometimes a computer game is more than it seems. If you are
    not familiar with esports – the movie explains the phenomenon
    behind the League of Legends in an understandable and
    attractive way.
    The story follows the evolution of the League of Legends
    Multiplayer Online Battle Arena computer game from the
    perspective of regular kids. One of them has become the most
    valuable player in Europe. What happened in 10 years between
    his first glance at the game and the 1…
  6. Ben 10 (2005–2008)

    Episode: Game Over (2007)
    TV-Y7 | 23 min | Animation, Action, Adventure

    Ben and Gwen get trapped in a Sumo Slammers video game and
    must work with the game’s main character in order to return to
    the real world.
    It’s a rainy day. Gwen joins Ben in a computer game of Sumo
    Samurai Slimdown. As she starts beating him, Ben changes to
    Upgrade and regains his advantage, then lightning strikes the
    Rustbucket. Ben and Gwen end up inside the video game. The
    Omnitrix times out, and most of…
    It’s a rainy day. Grandpa Max wants to sleep and Gwen wants her
    boredom alleviated, even if that means joining
    Ben’s computer game, Sumo Samurai Smackdown, as a second
    player. As she proves herself a better player, Ben uses Upgrade to
    unfairly force the game to his favor,…
  7. Police Academy: Mission to


    PG | 83 min | Comedy, Crime
    3.6 11 Metascore

    The Russians need help in dealing with the Mafia and so they
    seek help with the veterans of the academy. They head off to
    Moscow, in order to find evidence against Konstantine Konali,
    who marketed a computer game that everyone in the world is
    playing. With a sequel to the…
    Dreaming of infiltrating into the globe’s top-notch security
    systems for world domination, the rampant Russian Mafia boss,
    Konstantine Konali has made a fortune promoting his bestselling computer game. In despair, Commandant Rakov calls in
    Commandant Eric Lassard to len …
  8. Nirvana (1997)

    R | 113 min | Action, Drama, Sci-Fi

    The main character Solo in Nirvana,
    a computer game developed by Jimi for release in 3 days, has
    gained self-awareness after a virus attack. Solo wants to be
    deleted. Jimi wants to find his ex.
    Jimi, a successful computer game designer, finds that his latest
    product has been infected by a virus which has given
    consciousness to the main character of the game, Solo.
    Tormented by the memory of his fled girlfriend Lisa and begged
    by Solo to end its useless “life”, J…
  9. Pirate Islands: The Lost Treasure of Fiji (2007– )

    312 min | Action, Adventure, Fantasy

    Following on from the first series of Pirate Islands, The Lost
    The treasure of Fiji is essentially a computer game. The characters
    find themselves pulled into this alternate reality world, and must
    try to find their way back out.
    Top Gamers from around the world Tyler, Kirra, and Alison are in
    Fiji for the launch of the new computer game, ‘The Lost
    Treasure of Fiji’. But things go awry when they find themselves
    pulled inside the digital world in search of Tyler’s younger
    brother. Swashbuckling pirate…
    Australian gaming champion Tyler came to Fiji to star in the
    fancy presentation of an unedited Pirates Island game and
    hopefully score with groupies, but his jealous, smart,
    mischievous kid brother Marty, who feels neglected, not only tries
    to cheat with codes he downloads…
  10. Populous: The Beginning (1998 Video Game)

    T | Action, Adventure, Fantasy

    A computer game where you lead a primitive population into
    battle and explore and conquer a series of different worlds in
    order to become a god.
    In this computer game, you play the “Shaman”, the female
    leader of a primitive tribe. Starting with just a handful of
    followers, you must guide them to build a village and breed to
    increase the population and with it, your own magical powers.
    Train some of your people as …
  11. Dilettant (2016)


    The father of Denis Martov, the owner of
    a computer game production company, is abducted. The
    investigator Kira Solomina is engaged in the search for the
    missing man. At first, Denis considers Kira a callous formalist,
    she considers him – a spoiled major who pokes his nos…
    Denis Martov, an owner of a company producing computer games,
    finds out that his father was kidnapped. The case is investigated
    by Kira Solomina – a young detective known for her stubbornness
    and harsh attitude towards criminals. At first, our heroes hate
    each other: he thin…
  12. The Old Livingston House (2010)

    114 min | Adventure, Comedy, Family

    Teens try to get clues for a treasure to the rightful owner. The
    bikers are chasing them trying to take it away, and a crazy
    a lawyer who mixes reality and a computer game gets involved.
    The rightful owners are revealed in the end.
    Cory and Summer had just met near the Ocala National Forest
    when they stumble across what appears to be a treasure map.
    They soon find out the leader of a local biker gang believes it
    belongs to him and is determined to take it from them. When an
    Ocala lawyer who is addicted…
  13. 101 Dalmatians (1996)

    G | 103 min | Adventure, Comedy, Crime
    5.7 49 Metascore

    Fashion Designer Anita (Joely Richardson) and computer-game writer Roger (Jeff Daniels) meet, fall in love and marry
    along with their Dalmatians Perdita and Pongo. But the proud
    dogs’ puppies are kidnapped by Anita’s boss Cruella DeVil (Glenn
    Close), who is stealing young…
    After a wild chase in the bustling streets of London,
    struggling computer game author Roger (Jeff Daniels) and his
    male Dalmatian, Pongo – by a welcome twist of fate – are
    dragged into St. James Park and meet with charming fashion
    designer Anita (Joely Richardson) and her…
  14. Sleuth 101 (2010)

    Episode: Delete Cache (2010)
    26 min | Comedy, Crime, Game-Show

    Online computer game tech-head Cache (Samuel Johnson)
    collapses after drinking his regular black coffee. But which of his
    nerdy colleagues stopped playing the online role-playing game long enough to poison his cup?
    Online computer game tech-head Cache (Samuel Johnson)
    collapses after drinking his regular black coffee. But which of his
    nerdy colleagues stopped playing the online role-playing game-long enough to poison his cup? Claire Hooper is on
    hand to unravel the mystery. With big…
    In the office of TorbLab creator and designer of the virtual online
    world of Sirius 9. System administrator Cache (Sam Johnson), or
    Darren Gablonsky as he is known by his parents has been
    deleted. Cache collapses after drinking his regular black coffee.
    But which of his …
  15. Pirate Islands: The Lost Treasure of Fiji (2007– )

    Episode: Game On (2007)
    Action, Adventure, Fantasy

    Three Australian computer game champs, Tyler, Marty, and
    Alison and one Fijian computer champ, Kirra is forced to swap
    their game consoles for real swords when they are thrown into a
    virtual pirate island world in Fiji.
    Top Gamers from around the world, Tyler, Kirra, and Alison are in
    Fiji for the launch of the new computer game: The Lost
    Treasure of Fiji. But things go awry when they find themselves
    pulled inside the game in search of Tyler’s younger brother,
    Marty. Swashbuckling pirates…
    Tyler Bradden is a gaming champion and enjoys playing the star
    at a convention on Fiji, where a new virtual reality swordfight game against pirates captain Blackheart is to be presented
    to the public, but snooty Alison just won’t admire him ‘only
    solving mysteries impress…
  16. Gamesmaster (1992–1998)

    30 min | Family, Game-Show

    Computer game show.
  17. Inner Realms (2006)

    5 min | Documentary, Short

    Computer game addiction.
  18. Blam!!! (2000– )


    Interactive computer games series.
  19. Pat & Cabbage (2013– )

    Episode: Episode #1.2 (2013)

    Armed with fake CVs provided by Cabbage, Pat decides to go
    back to work but is side-tracked by the grandson
    Jack’s computer game Baboon Breakout, prompting Cabbage – a
    the name she assumed as a model in the 1960s – to suggest she try
    for work at a video game shop. After Cabbage h…
    Armed with fake CVs provided by Cabbage Pat decides to go back
    to work but is side-tracked by grandson Jack’s Baboon Breakout computer game, prompting Cabbage to encourage her to
    apply to work in a video game shop. After Jack’s birthday party –
    where Cabbage, a name she …
  20. Bible Black: The Game (2000

    Video Game)

    Adult, Drama

    The original Bible Black computer game.
  21. Ghostwriter (1992–1995)

    Episode: Who Burned Mr. Brinker’s
    Store?: Part 1 (1992)
    TV-Y7 | Family, Fantasy, Mystery

    Jamal (Sheldon Turnipseed) is playing a computer game at Mr.
    Brinker’s (Max Wright) video store when a man comes in and
    gives him a letter that enrages him. then Tina (Tram-Anh Tran),
    the young aspiring reporter, argues with Mr. Brinker that the
    videotape he sold to her I…
    Jamal is playing a computer game inside Mr. Brinker’s video
    store, when a man comes in and gives Mr. Brinker a piece of
    paper that enrages him. Tina comes in to buy a blank videotape,
    but insists the one Brinker hands her isn’t new, he yells at her
    and runs her out, then …
  22. Unga Tvåan (1987–1990)

    Episode: Datorspel, navigating (1989)
    Family, Reality-TV, Talk-Show

    About computer-games, robots, navigation, and graphics.
  23. Maximum Surge (2003 TV Movie)

    PG-13 | 90 min | Sci-Fi

    When a supercomputer is linked to a video game network,
    a computer programmer who designed the game must enter
    the virtual reality world of his fantasies and defeat
    the computer before it causes a worldwide information crash.
    Ace game programmer, Steve Hunter is sucked into a
    virtual computer game world controlled by Drexel, the world’s
    the fastest computer addicted to computer games. To save
    humankind and himself, Steve must do battle inside Drexel’s
    the world with the aid of JO an AI robot he created.
  24. Purble Place (2007 Video Game)


    A suite of three computer games for children.
  25. Software Manager (1994 Video Game)

    Manage a software company that produces computer games.
  26. Sindbad & the 7 Galaxies (2016– )

    Episode: Game On (2016)
    11 min | Animation

    A knockabout game of soccer on the school field proves to be
    no challenge at all compared to the dragon Sindbad encounters
    inside a computer game. Education: Computer games are
    great in moderation but you also need to be active e.g.play
  27. Hercules & Xena Quest for the Scrolls: Learning Adventures (1997 Video Game)


    An educational computer game featuring Hercules and Xena.
  28. Star Wars: Early Learning Activity

    Center (2000 Video Game)


    An educational computer game featuring Star Wars characters.
  29. You Don’t Know Jack (2001– )

    30 min | Comedy, Game-Show

    The hugely popular computer game becomes a weekly TV
  30. GameMasters (2017)

    81 min | Comedy

    Five friends, geeks to the max are invited to a
    a new computer game called “Gamemasters”. But the game turns
    out to be a reality where they have to fight Gamemasters in the
    own games like the FPS Call of Battlesiege, the
    fighting game MorTekken Kombat and the RPG World of Fan…
  31. GameStars (2004 TV Special)

    50 min

    2nd Annual TV awards show celebrating computer games in the
  32. Computer Chronicles (1983– 2002)

    Episode: Computer Games (1991)
    TV-G | 29 min | News, Talk-Show

    A look at the hottest computer games in the early 1990s.
  33. Sonic’s Schoolhouse (1996 Video Game)

    Adventure, Family

    An educational computer game that teaches early mathematics,
    reading, and spelling,
  34. Where on Earth Is Carmen Sandiego? (1994–1999)

    TV-Y7 | 21 min | Animation, Action, Adventure

    The world-famous thief, Carmen Sandiego (Rita Moreno), plays
    an intricate game of cat and mouse with teen ACME detectives,
    Zack (Scott Menville) and Ivy (Jennifer Hale).
    An animated series based on the “Carmen Sandiego” line
    of computer games. The world-renowned thief Carmen
    Sandiego (Rita Moreno) has, with the help of her henchmen,
    stolen the landmarks of the world, and it’s up to ACME Detective
    Agency sleuths Zack (Scott Menville) and I…
  35. iZombie (2015–2019)

    Episode: Virtual Reality Bites (2015)
    TV-14 | 42 min | Comedy, Crime, Drama

    Liv inherits agoraphobia — and computer gaming skills — after
    eating a hacker’s brain.
  36. A Simple Romance (2007)

    Not Rated | 4 min | Short

    Abandoned by her friends, Maggie turns to a computer game for
  37. Yoko (2015– )

    Episode: Yoko’s Computer Game (2016)
    Animation, Adventure, Comedy

    Yoko appears in the park, ready to play – only to find the kids
    playing a game on Oto’s computer tablet called PLAY IN THE
    PARK. Sitting and looking at a computer is not what Yoko had in
    mind for today. When the computer starts to act up, Yoko
    volunteers to “fix it”. But …
  38. Attack of the Tweety Zombies(2002 Video Game)

    Family, Fantasy, Horror

    Help Sylvester survive waves of Tweety Bird zombies in
    this computer game.
  39. Glitch (2013)

    3 min | Animation, Short, Action | Completed

    The latest computer game turns out to be too realistic for
  40. Transformers: Rescue Bots Academy (2019– )

    Episode: Hack Attack (2019)
    TV-Y7-FV | 11 min | Animation

    When Hot Shot replaces Chase’s traffic stop simulation for
    his computer game – the recruits find themselves unprepared
    as they face giant hedgehogs.
  41. Man on a Mission: Richard Garriott’s Road to the Stars (2010)

    Not Rated | 83 min | Documentary
    6.9 53 Metascore

    The story of legendary computer game developer Richard
    Garriott’s spaceflight in October 2008.
    A behind-the-scenes journey with the video game legend,
    Richard Garriott, in his quest to become the first second-generation astronaut, from making his fortune to spending it
    ($30 million!) to reach the International Space Station via
    Russian rocket. From secret training …
  42. Clic d’Api: En route pour l’école! (2003 Video Game)

    Animation, Family

    Interactive French-language computer game for children aged
    3-7 years (PC/MAC).
  43. Bits (1999–2001)

    25 min | Documentary, Game-Show, News

    computer games review show, testing the (then)
    latest games releases across multiple platforms
  44. 01412 pasasingeum (2000)

    95 min | Action, Fantasy

    A computer game leads the way to a world of fantasy and
    Champion ‘Starcraft’ player, Young-won is given a CD which
    contains a new game. This is no ordinary game. Instead, it
    seems like the real world. He eventually meets the other players
    who enter through the internet room 01412 and together they
    embark on a quest for a magic sword.
  45. One Player (2013)

    12 min | Short, Comedy, Drama

    A character from a violent computer game comes to life to
    teach a shy gamer how to win the love of his life.
  46. Spider-Man Cartoon Maker (1995 Video Game)

    Family, Sci-Fi

    An interactive computer game that lets you paint Spider-Man
    cartoons and art.
  47. The Comedy Club Sofia Podcast(2017– )

    Episode: Hooligans and Old

    The comedians talk about old computer games, hooligans and
    the tragedy of the Greeks.

  48. Thrillkill (1984)

    96 min | Crime, Thriller

    Karlie Kendall’s job is to write computer games – but in her
    spare time, she hacks bank accounts. With 5 million dollars
    gathered, she wants to retire to Brazil – unaware that her secret
    partner Adrienne intends to keep all the money. Moreover,
    Karlie’s boss Julien has got…
  49. Every Picture Is an Empty


    68 min | Documentary, Animation, Biography

    An artist under suspicion of terrorism escapes into the virtual
    the environment of a computer game.