Why i refuse to use AI writers?

AI can produce sentences that read awkwardly or as odd phrases, giving the impression that the words were tossed carelessly onto the paper.

The writing and editing phases of the copywriting process.

Below are some sentences generated with ai writers:


I work under some simple circumstances to provide you with quality work. while you paste, a piece of writing which you want to rewrite.


I start off evolved reading the sentences and paragraphs, after that it finds the better phrase pair for the sentences to cause them to be unique.


Some AI writes hav millions of synonyms that you can pick out to make your article greater readable and unique according to your requirements. What am I talking about? below you’ll find a list of The Top AI writes, up to 2022. ” This will be updated in 2023 ”

  • 1. Jasper (Formerly Known As Jarvis)
  • 2. Grammarly
  • 3. ProWritingAid
  • 4. WriteSonic
  • 5. Article Forge
  • 7. WordAI
  • 8. Copysmith (Best AI Writer for E-commerce)