In a world where we’re stressed, overscheduled, and often overwhelmed, it’s easy to neglect our health. Stress negatively impacts our autoimmune system, making us more susceptible to garden variety viruses and bacteria. Over time, the cumulative effect of stress can lead to more serious chronic illnesses, as well as to life-threatening conditions. 

Even though we’re well into the New Year, it’s not too late to resolve to take steps to improve our health and well-being. Thankfully, there are a number of health products on the market that can help us in our efforts. 

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Joint Health: Whether you are a fitness buff or you lead a sedentary lifestyle, it’s all too easy for the condition of your joints and their connective tissues to deteriorate over time. Vitamin C is essential to joint health, but other nutritional supplements that are specially formulated to keep joints flexible can help, as can a cream that is used topically. Glucosamine, for example, helps the body produce collagen, which helps cushion and protect the joints.

Digestion: If your diet is high in processed foods, or if you’re under a considerable amount of stress, the chances are good that your digestive tract is under duress. Thankfully, there a number of health products that can help you get back on track. Look for nutritional supplements that promote a healthy, pro-biotic digestive tract, and those that provide you with both soluble and insoluble fiber to get rid of accumulated toxins.

Immune System: If your diet is out of whack or if you lead a stressful life, your immune system is likely to be disproportionately affected. It’s important to choose health products that boost your immune system by promoting good intestinal bacteria, supporting the lymph glands, and providing protection against the damage caused by free radicals.

Heart: A healthy diet and plenty of exercises are two elements of heart health, but it’s not always easy to get it right. That’s why health products that provide you with omega-3 fatty acids, formulations that support healthy heart rhythms, and nutritional supplements that optimize blood vessel strength and elasticity are important to have in your arsenal.

Women’s Health: Women’s bodies are different from men’s bodies, and need health products that specifically promote women’s health. Maintaining bone density, for example, is especially important for women, as is eliminating toxins that threaten breast health. When women are peri-menopausal or going through menopause, the right nutritional supplements can help alleviate symptoms and can ensure that a woman smoothly makes the transition through her middle years.

Men’s Health: Like women, men have their special needs. Nutritional supplements that enhance prostate health, for example, can be especially relevant to men’s health, as can health products that are formulated to strengthen the immune system and increase cellular health.

When you’re shopping for health products, it’s important to select a reputable company that uses natural ingredients. Choosing a global leader in health and wellness will ensure that you get the high-quality products you need, which in turn will give you the peace of mind you deserve.

. Today, various skin care treatments and products are widely available in stores, markets, spas, salons, and other beauty establishments. With these products and treatments, it is then easier for women to achieve and maintain smooth and beautiful skin.

However, not all skincare products are safe and effective. Some of these products may contain ingredients that are harmful to the skin. Instead of making the skin look healthier and younger, products that contain certain damaging ingredients may even make skin conditions worse.

The efficiency of beauty and skincare products is also not the same for all users. Hence, certain treatments and products may either work or not work for some users. This only means that consumers, most especially women, need to be careful when choosing skincare products.

The following are four common ingredients found in skin care products and their negative side-effects on the skin:

1. Artificial colorings
Moisturizing products that contain artificial colorings pose harmful effects to the body. Artificial colorings may cause cancer when regularly applied to the skin. Aside from being carcinogenic, some coal-tar-colored skincare products also contain metal impurities such as lead and arsenic.

These facts on artificial colorings in moisturizing skincare products should be carefully considered by consumers. Remember that the skin is constantly exposed to such artificial colorings since the regular application of moisturizer on the skin is a common regimen of most people.

2. Untested skincare products
Almost all manufacturers of cosmetic and skincare products have the means to use any raw material as ingredients for their products even without the permission of agencies in charge of regulating cosmetics and beauty products. Since manufacturers have control over product testing, they can distribute and market skincare and cosmetic products to worldwide markets that may possibly contain ingredients that are harmful to health.

With this, consumers should keep in mind such alarming facts on skincare products that contain harmful ingredients. Remember that the skin absorbs the ingredients of the skin products when applied to the skin. Hence, harmful ingredients like carcinogens are absorbed by the skin, causing irritation and blister.

3. Fragrance
The fragrance is also one of the common ingredients found in untested skincare and cosmetic products. Such ingredients can cause reproductive complications, liver damage, and birth defects in laboratory animals. When applied to the skin, fragrance can cause allergic reactions. As such, experts recommend the use of fragrance-free skincare products to avoid allergies and irritation.

4. Sunscreen
Most people think that skincare products containing SPF are the best protection of the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. What they don’t know is that some sunscreens have adverse side effects on the body. Yes, SPF chemicals protect the skin from the surface. But once absorbed, these may bring damaging effects to the body.

5. Glycols
Glycols are derived from hydrocarbons. These are among the ingredients commonly found in moisturizers and are used as cosmetics solvents. Over-exposure to glycol can lead to serious complications in a woman’s reproductive system and contact dermatitis.