Health Guide and Natural Treatments for Thinning Hair

Health Guide and Natural Treatments for Thinning Hair

Hair loss is a common problem that affects both men and women. It can be caused by many factors, including genetics, age, stress, and diet.

The most common type of hair loss is called male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness. This type of hair loss is caused by hormones and genetics.

There are many natural treatments for thinning hair that can help you to grow your hair back. These treatments include eating healthy foods, taking supplements, using natural oils on your scalp, and more.


1. Top 10 Natural Treatments for Thinning Hair

Many people wish for thicker and fuller hair In other words especially when thinning
hair becomes a noticeable issue as the scalp begins to show.
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2. Which Is healthier When You must have Junk Food?

No matter how hard you try to make healthy food choices In addition there are
times you may cave into the call of junk food. Perhaps you need a
change from your


3. Stroke Signs Women Tend to Overlook

Signs of a stroke can be different among women and men, due to
several risk factors most importantly you may not know of which make stroke a leading
killer of women.

I had a stroke three months ago. Now I’m all right. I’m recovering well but I noticed something really strange for me. I started to lose my hair. I don’t know is it happening because of the stroke or something else cause it. Did anybody experience hair loss after stroke?

Hair loss after a stroke is not uncommon. It’s because you’re taking a drug that causes that side effect. My mother had the same issue, and her doctor determined that she needed to switch medications. So, go your doctor and have a conversation with him. That, I believe, is the finest option.


4. Ways Sleeping Too Much May Be Linked to Poor Health

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Burgundy Pork Tenderloin
Today, we’ve got a pretty unique pork recipe called, “Burgundy Pork
Tenderloin.” We’re not typically big pork consumers, but this pork
recipe is to die for. It takes about an hour and thirty mins to make,
serves 4, and is 400 calories. This recipe uses red wine, celery, and a
tiny bit of garlic powder. Everything in this recipe is relatively healthy.
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6. Broccoli Mango Salad Health Guide 

We’ve got an amazing fruit salad recipe called, “Broccoli Mango
Salad”. It’s a mixture of one of our favorite fruits in mango and our
favorite veggies in broccoli. Use little to no dressing if you are looking
to cut even more calories and to make this meal even healthier. We
found the fruits in this salad a perfect dressing substitute. This recipe
takes a long time to make due to the 4 hour freeze time; however, it
only takes 20 minutes to prep; it serves 8 and is 150 calories. Try it out
and as always enjoy!


7. Kale Salad Health Guide 

Today we’ve got an awesome Kale recipe called, Kale Salad. Kale is
one of the most requested ingredients to add to recipes. Kale is
highly nutritious. At just 33 calories, one cup of kale has 3 grams of
protein, 2.5 grams of fiber, and plenty of vitamins. This salad takes only
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