What my facebook url?

Your tiny business does not have to be your little secret. With the right strategy, you can compete with the big boys. Focused
Small business owners should go niche in their video content. To keep from competing with other companies – rather than focus on placing themselves, in competitions they may not ever win.


We will cover:

  • URL business
  • External link
  • Securing  url
  • Url on media channel


A popular strategy used by producers to cut through the noise and focus, is viral marketing concentration. Focusing on finding that one key demographic and developing branded content around their interests- fishing for the right spear customers vs throwing out a net and catching anything that comes along.


URL Businesses

Facebook has simplified Building a URL business. My process of creating a Facebook URL business, with a page, a store and subsequently moving all of your content to it by 2023.

You can create a passive income brand on Facebook with a page store in less than 24 hours – under five if you have a team or staff.

External link

Added to our list of social media tradeoffs? You may want to consider the implications of hosting your WordPress blog on Facebook.

One drawback is that these days you are discouraged not to post external links (thanks, Instagram) in a Facebook business page’s feed or livestream.

Securing  with http

This section discusses the importance of having an https URL, and how it is used in the building of a personal or brand business on Facebook.

Social media on media channel

Even now url has slowly become a standalone social media channel. Having it hosted on a personal account, This will allow you to post photos, see streams by friends, and review the profiles of others with ease.

It has some advanced features like being able to customize your cover photo. Choose from your past posts as well as get into “secret” mode which conceals any activity made after signing in with facebook url.