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   Many believe online sales funnels are a relatively new phenomenon.  Not even close.  It all started about twelve years ago with a rather secretive group of online marketers, who by a series of trial and error, tripped over the funnel idea. They didn’t think it would work.

 Actually, they were pretty sure it would bomb.

 It didn’t and Internet marketing changed forever.

 Like everything else online that works, word got out and funnels spread like wildfire among the more elite marketers who were still trying to keep the strategy under their hats.

 Of course, by now EVERYBODY wanted in on the action.

 There was a BIG CATCH though.

The downside at the time is that they were incredibly difficult to put together and split tests if you wanted the highest and best conversions.

 The majority of webmasters didn’t have the javascript chops to make it happen.

 Of course, these days there are funnel builders that have filled that gap. But here’s the thing:

 They AREN’T as simple as they can be and they ARE expensive. They’re really aimed at pro marketers.


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