WP-Engine provides the high level of performance, security, scalability and speed. It also ensures that WordPress  website are always working when you need reliable hosting. by making sure there is sufficient backups- available in WP hosted servers.

According to WP Engine

“We take more responsibility than any other company in the industry. That means we not only build you a better product but protect and defend it.”

The WP-Engine is great for business who want a platform that can guarantee high performance, uptime and great scalability on 1 page load.

WP-Engine recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary. It hosts more than 100,000 WP hosted clients.

WordPress is the one of the most popular CMSes in the world and over 28% of all new websites use it on their sites.

Does not WP-Engine just provide the backbone for world-renowned brands?

Here’s a list of some of the companies running their sites on the wp-engines platform:

Netflix, Fandango, Nike, Lyft, NBA

Via also utilizes the WP-Engine web hosting service. Our customers have their own unique requirements when it comes to scaling up or down their web architecture to suit the high demand that is sometimes placed onto an online system. On WP-Engine we believe in delivering excellent performance; which is why the company employs Cloud Cache technology. This provides caching so that when a visitor requests a file on your site then it will be served a cached (cached) copy. The cached request consumes minimal resources and traffic while also reducing latency and load time delays.

Benefits of WP engine:

If you are looking for a new hosting platform.